Corporate Mentors envisions providing a plethora of services to the pharmaceutical industry with an objective to bridge the functional and strategic gaps in an enterprise, in an assured, effective & efficient manner.

Placement services:


Training of existing candidates:

We can conduct in house training for fresh employees & working employees’ at all levels of hierarchy. We train employees in:

Consultancy services in establishing a Digital Business Environment:

Our process of creating a digital business environment will include: 

Digital social media and cyber ethics and etiquette

Best practices of digital presentation and Methods of cyber presentations

Blogs, Chat bots and forums

Digital communication protocols 

Contract Sales Organization: 

We work on attitudes, approach and mindsets of impressionable youngsters in such a manner that they look at the industry not only as a job opportunity but a place to make a serious career.


We do different things and we do things differently

Core Team:

Unique Training Modules:

Workshops & Practical lessons in training > Soft skills >Personality development

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